Vitaminpaste Kids has been clinically studied and received a great report card

VPKids_Presentation_Final_9/19.inddIn 2016, University at Buffalo School Department of Periodontics of Dental Medicine conducted a clinical study involving 50 children from ages 4-13 years. The results were overwhelmingly positive. Below are just some of the facts from the study:

Children 4-13 years of age get at least 50% of their daily Vitamins D, E, B3 (niacin), B5 (pantothenic acid) & B6 by brushing as directed 3 times per day.

Vitaminpaste® Kids toothpaste contains ingredients that are safe to ingest and also provides a dietary supplement of vitamins and minerals.

Vitaminpaste® Kids toothpaste is fluoride free and thus eliminates the risk of dental and skeletal fluorosis due to fluoride toothpaste ingestion.

The taste of Vitaminpaste® Kids toothpaste was generally liked by most subjects.

We’re preparing to publish and present the clinical study at the American Association for Dental Research annual meeting in San Francisco in March, 2017.VPKids_Presentation_Final_9/19.indd

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